We Do Digital

& Go After People where they are – On Their Phones

We Do Digital

& Go After People Where They Are – On Their Phones.

What we do

The typical cellphone user touches his/her phone 2,617 times every day. The extreme cellphone users – top 10% – touch their phones more than 5,400 times daily. 

We target constituents, voters, and potential customers during those moments.



Let’s get personal on Digital. Take advantage of the massive reach and more importantly – targeting – that is possible via Digital.

Website Design & Development

Websites. Landing pages. Graphics. Optimized for mobile. Let’s get it done!

Communications Consulting

Need help with your communications strategy? Messaging? Working with the press? Speaking to constituents? We do it all.


Full Service Text Messaging P2P - SMS & MMS

95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes. Hit voters, potential donors, party activists, and others directly and instantly with our full service texting solution.

Fully Managed Tele-Townhalls

Ready to take part in a fully managed conference call with 50,000 of your constituents, voters or potential customers? I’ll bring the technology, list and screeners. You just dial in and have a conversation with them.


Are you old school and looking to send a mass message via a robocall? We can do that too. Low cost. Quick turnaround.

Who We Are

christian ziegler


  • Taken the lead on digital for local, state, federal and presidential candidates.
  • Worked on policy at the local, state and federal levels of government.
  • Serve as a longtime leader within the Republican Party of Florida
  • Grew a startup business from concept to representing over 7,500 automotive dealerships nationwide.

Clients & Campaigns

Real Results

We document all our metrics and provide you with a monthly report for digital and a post-call report for phones.

On a recent Fully Managed Microtargeted Media Tele-Townhall, the client welcomed 36,574 live attendees on their conference call, while also leaving 32,776 voicemails for those who did not pick up the phone. 

The live attendee duration averaged 3.3 minutes and over 450 attendees requested to ask a question.

All at a cost of just 10.4 per live attendee!

Our Clients Are Saying…

We believe we do great work, but don’t take it from us.

Hear from our clients –

“Microtargeted Media helped me win a very close race for the Florida House of Representatives and then two years later, they were there to help drive home an overwhelming victory in my the Florida State Senate campaign. Their work was effective and most importantly, engaging, which helped me broadcast my message to more voters.”

Joe Gruters

Florida State Senator (District 23) & Co-State Chairman of Donald J. Trump for President (FL)

“Just days after the Parkland shooting, Christian with Microtargeted Media reached out and offered to help guide me with my communications, press relations and he launched my social media outreach channels, giving me a vital distribution channels to get my message out. Christian also helped connect me with his network of elected leaders, so that I could advocate for and eventually pass school safety legislation. This was all done pro-bono and simply because he had a passion to help.”

Andrew Pollack

Parkland Parent

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